♫ Singing Synthesizers Necessarily ♫
Welcome to the fourth season of Singing Synthesizers! The singing robot waifu music will continue until morale improves. Click here for the last season of this series. The character in the background is Koharu Rikka! The Rikka pixel art in the cursor is by Temaki.
[Synth V] Hanakuma Chifuyu sings ODDS & ENDS [by: 天野風]
Chifuyu-chan sings a cover of supercell's awesome Miku song. I think that Chifuyu's voice fits this song well!
[CeVIO + VOCALOID] Satou Sasara & Hatsune Miku sing Chatty Catchy Thinline [by: けすまる]
This song is awesome! Not as awesome as Tell Me, Literature Boy, but still awesome nonetheless. I think that this sounds better through headphonez.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings I Want To Eat Chocolate Parfait [by: Otoha Neu]
Kawaii Una rock song!
[Synth V] Hanakuma Chifuyu sings Sake [by: MOnoisecancelling]
The singing and piano seem kind of chill and calm, but the lyrics are about a bad lifestyle.
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari & Kizuna Akari sing YuzuKizu ☆ Night The Universe [by: The Iron RabbitHutch]
Eurobeat Yukarin and Akarin song! This was made for Yukari's and Akari's 2022 birthday.
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings A Touch Of Colour [by: Riez]
Pretty nice Rikka rock song!
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings I Can't Help It [by: Azu]
A good Una rock song that deserves more attention.
[歌うVOICEROID] Kotonoha Akane sings Soft French With Condensed Milk [by: knee]
This song sounds pretty cute, but the lyrics make me pretty sad. Akane doesn't sound like she's in a fulfilling relationship. The video I linked has English subs, but isn't the original upload.
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings Seishun Complex [by: Kido]
Rikka sings the intro for the first season of Bocchi the Rock! This is just the short 90 second version of the full song. It's funny how the creator just recoloured the ice bath scene from the anime and it looks like Rikka. Also, fun coincidence, the voice provider for Rikka's voicebank, Aoyama Yoshino, is also the voice actress for Hitori, the main character of Bocchi the Rock. This page has the lyrics in English.
[歌うVOICEROID] Yuzuki Yukari & Kotonoha Aoi sing Neko [by: Kuromu]
Yukari & Aoi sing a cover of a song about kitties originally sung by Macne Nana and made by Rin. The original upload linked also has English subtitles. Grass Akari makes an appearance here.
[Synth V] Kotonoha Sisters sing Fall [by: Maeno Kee]
Cool Kotonoha rock song!
[NEUTRINO] Tohoku Kiritan sings Njet Molotoff [by: Rader Marshal]
Kiritan sings a Japanese version of a Finnish song that was sung during the Winter War to make fun of the Soviet Union and Vyacheslav Molotov. English lyrics over here.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings HapiMeri [by: Mellowcle]
Miku sings a very sweet Christmas & New Years song!
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka, Natsuki Karin, & Hanakuma Chifuyu sing MindJAM [by: ZalBowl]
Super awesome rock song sung by the music club trio of Otaru Shiokaze!
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari & Kizuna Akari sing This Messed-Up Wonderful World Exists For Me [by: 君臨德雷克]
Yukarin and Akarin sing a cover of a popular Miku song made by n.k. This song was made for Yukari's and Akari's birthday on December 22nd! Tanjobi omedeto! Here are the lyrics in English. This song & video seems to have been made by Chinese people 🤔
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Poison Apple [by: DECO*27]
A banger from DECO*27, with excellent original animation for the MV. It's cool that an apple crunch sound is used in the song. The video has English subs available.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Lily Alert [by: Raison d'être]
Nice Miku song with an interesting melody. It seems to be about some scientific experiment unicorn girl. Don't know why, but this reminds me of the "failed experiment catgirl gf" meme.
[VOCALOID] Kaai Yuki & Flower sing Be My Guest [by: Azari]
Really cool beat from a blank video title and channel name creator (though this video in particular does have a title). English lyrics over here.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Fleeting World [by: 5ECH0M]
Kafu-san sings a somewhat nihilistic song...
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku & Yuzuki Yukari sing Dozen Rose Day [by: Akaneko Band]
Sick Yukari & Miku rock song! I'm a Fxxking ROCKSTAR!
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Snow Magic [by: Rinne Midzuki]
Incredibly cute festive Una song! Really hard not to go "aww, kawaii" while listening...
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings DERERERE [by: DIVELA]
Super cool Miku rock song from DIVELA! The video has English subs available.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Vortex [by: Janus]
A unique-sounding Otomachi Una song. Kind of surprising, this song was made by a Russian producer. There are English & Russian lyrics in the description.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Fallin' Macchiato [by: nogi]
Awesome beat in this Miku song! Lots of voice distortion too.
[VoiSona] Satou Sasara sings It's All Your Fault [by: Daiiiin]
Sasara sings an awesome cover of a popular Kafu song! English lyrics over here.
[VOCALOID] Megurine Luka sings Suki Suki Daisuki Love Chuucchuu [by: 内緒のピアス]
Call it a hunch, but I think Luka might be really in love...
[CeVIO AI + UTAU] KAFU & HAYANE sing On A Midwinter Night [by: air6174]
A pretty cool song. It sounds like it stops in the middle. The UTAU character's voice is from a Korean utaite called Permil.
[VOCALOID] Megurine Luka sings Cappuccino [by: Wisca]
A very sweet-sounding Luka song.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Sad Dancer [by: Wisca]
This song has a pretty cool beat!
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings letter [by: Otoha Neu]
Una-chan makes a love confession!
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings Sayonara Slumber Days [by: NIKKI]
Cool soft rock Karin song!
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Spinning Boys And Girls [by: Asawad]
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Terminal [by: Kijibato]
A song about a train ride that's not related to Lag Train. The theme seems to be about escaping from something.
[歌うVOICEROID] Kotonoha Akane sings Scarecrow [by: 稲なんとか]
Akane sings a cover of a song by Sada Masashi. I'm not sure if Akane's cute soft voice is really appropriate for this song, because the lyrics are pretty bittersweet.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Sugar [by: Mellowcle]
A kawaii disco funk song sung by Miku. What an interesting & unique genre to listen to!
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings Telecaster B-Boy [by: aimai.]
Rikka sings an awesome cover of a popular Kagamine Len song. English lyrics over here.
[歌うVOICEROID] Kotonoha Aoi sings daybreak [by: n_oei]
Aoi sings a nice song to listen to while driving late at night.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Shoddy Mass Production [by: Shikaku Dot]
Cool Una rock song! Apparently the title is a Chinese/Japanese idiom.
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