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My random singing synthesizer song recommendations, round 3! This page is the sequel to my concluded Singing Synthesizers Occasionally page. The character in the background is Yuzuki Yukari. Please also check out these other recommendation pages: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, from koinuko, burypink, feargarden, magnapina, and adilene. The Yukari pixel art in the cursor and down below is by Temaki.
[CeVIO AI] #kzn sings Sakyubaru [by: Do~pamin]
Menhera succubus?? The singing is a little too high-pitched for my taste but I find this song quite appealing.
Alright, this is the final song for SSA. Thanks for listening, everyone!
Singing Synthesizers continues here.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Power Decoration [by: Kentauros]
Miku cake?! 😳
[歌うVOICEROID] Kotonoha Aoi sings Gimme Scramble [by: Sorubitto]
Super duper cute Aoi song featuring Yukari & Akane! This page has the lyrics in English.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings In This Dream [by: Nemuru Mezame]
Sweet and heartfelt Una song.
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings p.h. [by: Hachinana]
This song is fun to listen to! Rikka sings an amazing-sounding cover of a flower song by SEVENTHLINKS. English lyrics over here.
[CeVIO AI] Tohoku Kiritan sings Hajimete No Chuu [by: たまねぎおにおん]
Kiritan sings a cover of the very cute song "First Kiss". The random little talking parts are done by Sasara.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Nurunuru Unagi [by: COWshi]
Una-chan sings a super kawaii song! The title means "slimy eel".
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Complete My Room [by: 廉]
Finally, a kawaii anthem for True Gamers™ who never leave their room. I love the cute chiptuney instrumental tracks!
[Synth V] Hanakuma Chifuyu sings Colchicum [by: Ibroom]
Sweet & chill Chifuyu song! The title refers to a type of flower.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Angel [by: 飽海]
This is one of those weird songs on YouTube with a blank title. Pretty interesting to listen to to nonetheless.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Unicorn Girl [by: Kai]
A bury pink kawaii future bass Miku song!
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Tick-Trick [by: zensen]
Perfect electro swing song for the spooky season!
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings The Sky That Disappeared [by: Seredone Studio]
I'm not sure what this song is about, but it sounds hella sad.
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings The Lone Magician [by: VEGACHICK]
The music is nice, but the video and its little story is really well done!
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings KuZu [by: yoshi]
Really interesting genre-bending song.
[CeVIO AI] #kzn sings The "AI" [by: かいぴっぴ]
Neat little EDM + rap song. I can't get over how it sounds like Kizuna AI is singing even though it's a vocal synthesizer.
[CeVIO AI? + VOCALOID] Tohoku Kiritan & Otomachi Una sing Come By My Side [by: Nekota Kon]
A very nice UnaKiri song!
[CeVIO AI + VOCALOID] KAFU & Kaai Yuki sing Hetero [by: Kareki Kashiwagi]
A song with pretty cereal lyrics about LGBT stuff. After some comments pointed it out, the creator confirmed on Twitter that this song is about gender dysphoria. English lyrics over here. Also check out this cool cover of this song.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Idolum [by: hanerusakana]
Expect the unexpected! 😉
[VOCALOID] Kaai Yuki & Hatsune Miku sing NON-USE [by: inabakumori]
Awesome song! Seems a little inspired by wowaka? English lyrics over here.
[Synth V] Hanakuma Chifuyu sings Notice The Upbeat [by: Otonari Studio]
Lovely little song. Chifuyu-chan has such a beautiful soft voice!
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Illustration Of Time [by: Fujimi]
This is sort of a noisy Una rock song, but I find it appealing.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Beyond The Starry Sky [by: N_K]
Cute little Una song. I only found this because I accidentally left autoplay on.
[VOCALOID] Kaai Yuki sings Lost Umbrella [by: inabakumori]
Great song! This seems to be the first appearance of the somewhat-iconic Osage-chan in inabakumori's music videos. English lyrics over here.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Stingy [by: Yankana]
A stong heartfelt song sung by Kafu.
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings Koharu Biyori [by: Rockwell]
A nice and relaxing Rikka song. The name of the song's title means "Indian summer" or "November weather".
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings STAY [by: sleepy]
This Kafu song has a pretty nice beat!
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings Midnight Cat [by: Yosukenchos]
A great Yukari song to listen to late in the evening.
[Synth V] Kotonoha Sisters sing Good Luck Charm [by: Chigu]
A yandere yuri song I think? It's definitely about excessive love.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Junk Gang [by: Itoma-P]
The music is alright, but the music video is impressive IMO.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Even If I Go To Heaven [by: Waritoari]
A bittersweet Una song that has a cheerful sound.
[NEUTRINO] Merrow sings Take Me Home, Country Roads [by: Кошка]
Merrow has such a beautiful voice! This is an original Japanese translation of Country Roads, which is different from the Whisper Of The Heart version that's often heard.
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings Love Soda [by: Sue Saoka]
Rikka-chan sings a gentle song about love and soda.
[VoiSona] Sato Sasara sings A. [by: yuha]
Fun little Sasara song. VoiSona is somehow related to CeVIO, it's kind of complicated to understand.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Overdose Girl [by: Fallen Angels]
This song's nice enough you might overdose listening to it.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Bangs [by: noa]
A pretty sad song made for Miku's 15th birthday. The video has English subs.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings kitcat [by: Ojeimaru]
A nice Kafu rock song! There's an awesome human singer version of this song sung by Ice, who's part of a group with Ojeimaru called waffy.
[VOCALOID] Kaai Yuki & Flower sing Who? [by: Azari]
This song & MV give off such strange vibes. Sounds neat tho. English lyrics over here.
[A.I.VOICE] Kotonoha Sisters sing Chimera [by: Kritannica]
Chimera! This song may only be 70 seconds long, but it's a solid 70 seconds of music. The Japanese title of this song, キマいら, is super clever as it's the word "chimera" but written in half katakana and half hiragana. And, this is a single song that is split into two different-sounding parts. The lyrics also seem to allude to a less commonly used definition of chimera. HOW DOES THIS SHORT SONG HAVE SO MANY LAYERS? A neat little detail in the video is how in Akane's part the phone showing Aoi has lyrics on it too.
[NEUTRINO] Tohoku Kiritan sings Marching Through Georgia [by: Rader Marshal]
Kiritan sings a Japanese version of a famous song about Sherman's march to the sea during the American Civil War.
[CeVIO AI] Suzuki Tsudumi sings Lazy Race [by: NOY]
Suzuki Tsudumi is Sato Sasara's long-time friend! This is one of the earliest songs for her CeVIO AI release. I love the drum work in this song! Wish the drums were a tiny bit louder/punchier in some parts.
[Synth V] Hanakuma Chifuyu sings Himetaru.NE [by: Minato Itsuki]
Hanakuma Chifuyu is the kouhai of Koharu Rikka and Natsuki Karin! This is an early demo song to show off how she'll sound like. TOKYO6 managed to reach almost 400% of the crowdfunding goal for Chifuyu-chan's release... sugoi.
🐸 [VOCALOID] Kaai Yuki sings Rainy Boots [by: inabakumori]
Very cute MV with Osage-chan! The video has English subs.
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings Cloudy Path [by: Hikko]
I love this Yukarin song so much! It's way too underrated. English lyrics over here.
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings Resonance [by: Take-hi]
Smooth-sounding Rikka rock song.
I'm colorless for you!
This isn't the first song I've posted on my SS_ pages that has the name "COLOR" in all uppercase. The first was this Yukari song. IMO this song is not as cool as the Yukari one, but sounds nice nonetheless.
[VOCALOID + Synth V] Otomachi Una & Koharu Rikka sing Camouflaged Chameleon [by: Owata-P]
Unusual vocal synth combo, but I think Rikka and Una go great together here. This video has English subs of this song.
[Synth V] Kotonoha Akane sings Jailbreak [by: mamushi]
Weird song, sounds interesting.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings To make me understand Impossible-impossible! Zakopi-ppi!♥ [by: Bearluvi]
A song about a vtuber, her fans, and her antis. The video has English subs.
[CeVIO AI] #kzn sings P!NKY AI [by: EO]
A cool original song sung by Kizuna AI's digital singing counterpart! Sounds so much like Ai-chan, which I think is great. The video has English subs.
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings Letter [by: Yosukenchos]
A very sweet-sounding Yukari song. English lyrics over here.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings You're A Dreamer [by: Kisenon]
A cute song for Una's 6th anniversary! ウナちゃん、誕生日おめでとう!
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Quixote [by: AHUB]
Kind of creepy and weird MV. Nice song though.
[CeVIO AI + VOCALOID] KAFU & Kizuna Akari sing White Box [by: 水トミト]
Cute song from an unusual pairing.
[CeVIO AI] Sato Sasara & Yuzuki Yukari sing Milk Tea Time [by: maoration]
Time for a tea party, everyone! I don't like milk tea personally, but this song is hella cute.
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings Show-window Girl [by: studio biotope]
Cute Karin song about clothes shopping.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Real World [by: KDstudio]
Disgustingly awesome beat! The lyrics has the word "хорошо" in it.
[CeVIO AI + Meat Noises] KAFU sings part of Ryuusenkei Mayday [by: HiFi-P]
Really weird MV tbqhwy. It is being sung by both KAF & KAFU. I know I'm basically violating the purity of this page by including a song with a human singer (KAF) here, but there's enough connection to vocal synths that I think it's ok. This song is for the outro of the third season of the anime Jashin-chan dropkick. In this same season Hatsune Miku makes appearances (more than once) in the show. HiFi-P also made a version that is sung by only Kafu. Here's a Minecraft note-block version of this song.
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings Search of “Life is Beautiful" [by: GYARI & 涌澤崇史]
Such a calm and beautiful song, perfect for Yukari's voice. I was surprised to see the meme machine GYARI made this song. English lyrics over here.
[CeVIO AI] #kzn sings Kizuna AI to AI [by: sasakure. UK]
The OG vtuber Kizuna AI is a talented singer, and didn't want be outdone by the famous virtual singer KAF who got a vocal synth of her own voice, KAFU. So now we got a Kizuna AI vocal synth called Kizuna, or KZN. This cool demo song is a cover of a song that used samples of Ai-chan's regular voice. The original song has English subs.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin sing Lyralura Dreaming [by: Kairiki Bear]
A neat-sounding song. I don't exactly get the relation, but this song is related to a mobile game with its own anime? And this game/anime seems to have its soundtrack be made by various vocal synth producers. Here is a live action MV featuring the characters from the game and their voice actors singing. And here is an MV of this song in the anime.
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka & Natsuki Karin sing Petit Devil [by: Lio]
Puchi debiru! Cool duo song with a cool rhythm!
[Seiren Voice] Kotonoha Akane sings Ievan Polkka [by: Tumutti]
My satisfaction is immeasurable and my day is made. Akane sings the iconic Leek Spin meme song, Ievan Polkka. Seiren Voice is a non-realtime voice changer program that outputs voices of vocal synths.
[A.I.VOICE] Kotonoha Aoi sings Iida Line Ballad [by: 稲なんとか]
Aoi-chan covers a gentle song made by Masayuki Yamamoto.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Marioneko [by: Mao Cat]
Fun instrumentals in this song. The meaning of the title is "Marionette Cat", but contracted into one word.
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings Dance To Beat Up A Bad Guy [by: Menhera Chick]
Born too early to explore the world, born too late to explore the cosmos, born just in time to listen to Yukarin sing. Unbelievably amazing beat in this song!
English lyrics over here.
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings Shiny Shiny ☆ Days [by: chomstudio]
Really fun Karin song!
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Makeover [by: Sakanai Kazuki]
A kawaii future bass Una song. It's so cute... makes me want to give Una a big hug.
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings Cinderella [by: SuO]
This is a nice cover of a DECO*27 song that was originally sung by Miku. English lyrics over here.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings China Disco [by: MoNo.]
China-style Kafu song? Kind of cool. I noticed that MoNo puts in a panda into every one of their MVs. Usually it's subtle, but here it's a straight up character in the video.
[CeVIO AI] Sato Sasara & Tohoku Kiritan sing Cara-Caramel Whip☆ [by: Holo-Matcha]
Unusual paring, but great song. Feels like an intro/outro song for some SoL anime.
[VOCALOID + CeVIO AI] Otomachi Una & KAFU sing Gekikara Drink [by: Sakanai Kazuki]
Una and Kafu trying to get drunk or something?
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings August Iced Coffee [by: Kurohibi]
Excellent vibes in this song! English lyrics over here.
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings Adam [by: Kazawara]
A cool song that is alluding to the Garden of Eden.
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings Dry Singularity [by: Eveland]
This song sounds great, but I have no idea wtf is going on in the video.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Dummy Head Love [by: solton]
A song for dummies.
[VOCALOID] Kizuna Akari sings Beyond The Sparkles [by: chomstudio]
Cute Akari song, as usual.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Become Buddha [by: YurryCanon]
A Kafu song that is quite spiritual!
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings NALILIGAW [by: mikomiko]
Metal asf song sung by Una!
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka & Natsuki Karin sing Matryoshka [by: Hachinana]
Awesome little cover of a Vocaloid classic. English lyrics over here.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Sayonara Princess [by: Kai]
A kawaii future bass Miku song! Really chill and cute.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU & Yuzuki Yukari sing Pure Love Is Dead, Welcome To The Alt Era [by: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic]
Great and unusual vocal synth combo here. Great song too.
[CeVIO AI] Tohoku Kiritan sings Maze Distraction [by: Maya]
This is an official demo song for the CeVIO AI release of Kiritan! Sounds awesome.
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings At The Stake Of Dawn [by: Shinonoikekki]
A nice Karin song.
[CeVIO AI] Sato Sasara sings Wait A Moment! [by: Noname]
Chotto a minute onegaishimas!
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Camel [by: Nee Nee Bo Ya]
A nice-sounding Una song.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings It's A Reset [by: Toa]
The vocals sound very passionate in this Kafu song.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Brainwashed Institutions [by: Yanagi Yasune]
Damn, these are some serious lyrics. Great music video! The video has English subs.
[VOCALOID] Kizuna Akari sings Miracle Of Panijapar [by: Bumpy Urushi]
The song and the animations are so cute in this video!
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings Dripping [by: Otonari]
I like the bounce of this song.
[CeVIO AI] Sato Sasara sings Zankyosanka [by: Atelier Akesato]
Sasara covers the opening song for the Entertainment District season of Demon Slayer. This page has the lyrics in English.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Sadist [by: Ruru]
Cool beat in this song. I like the robotic tuning of Miku in this song.
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings Ikarete [by: Tanaka]
A Rikka rock song.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Railroad [by: GoBS_Official]
I like the vibe of this cute-sounding Una song.
[NEUTRINO] Tohoku Kiritan sings Time Leap Girl [by: Mitsumori]
A song about Kiritan stuck in a time loop?
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings Selling [by: MC.ConoYahma]
Mom come pick me up I'm scared.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings CANDY BOX [by: zensen]
Aw yeah, an electro swing Kafu song!
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings Sad Encounter [by: Ojeimaru]
I love the way the vocals flow in this Karin song!
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Nadenna [by: Hiiragi Magnetite]
Cool atmosphere in this song! The video has English lyrics.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Mute [by: frais]
Awesome & cute Kafu song!
[VOCALOID] Kizuna Akari sings NO RICE☆NO LIFE [by: OyakataP]
Akari shares important wisdom in this super cute song! English lyrics over here.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Mood Disorder Patient [by: 譜凛]
Great beat in this song. Hope she gets better.
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings Senseless Sentence [by: Menhera Chick]
Excellent Yukari rock song. I like the drums. English lyrics over here.
[VOCALOID] Kizuna Akari & Yuzuki Yukari sing STARTER [by: LiL RAIN]
A really cute rock song about Akari's and Yukari's friendship!
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Nainainaibaa [by: Hi-Fi P]
Awesome Kafu song! Great sound here! But why the heck is Kafu's belt around her legs??
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings Amethyst [by: Yori / Sodalite Lab]
Nice Karin rock song!
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings Apricot Fiture [by: Lio]
Rikka's senpai has such a nice voice!
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Atashi: Update [by: Kashii Moimi]
Nice Kafu song! The artist that drew the art in this song is my favourite vocal synth song artist, skyw315. English lyrics over here.
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings 3rd [by: LiL RAIN]
An awesome Yukari rock song that sounds like it's from an intro song for a cool anime!
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Like Cherry Blossoms [by: tokagie]
Kawaii Una rock song!
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka & Natsuki Karin sing Tidal Height Measurement [by: Kazawara]
Cool song sung by two cool schoolmates. The character in the background is Hanakuma Chifuyu.
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings I'm Going To Make You Go To Heaven [by: Stray Clouds]
Cool Karin rock song!
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings Moldovite [by: Studio Biotope]
A calm and chill Rikka song.
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings Execution [by: Nacha]
Really creepy and weird song that is also weirdly appealing. The Kotonoha Sisters do some of the talking parts in this song.
[CeVIO AI] KAFU sings Venus Prisoner [by: 西憂花]
Have you ever gotten slapped with a bouquet? English lyrics over here.
[VOCALOID] Hatsune Miku sings Salamander [by: DECO*27]
Yet another awesome song from DECO*27! The video has English subtitles available.
[Synth V] Koharu Rikka sings Stop Nagging Me! [by: Owata-P]
Rikka sings a cover of a popular classic Vocaloid song that was originally "sung" by Akita Neru (I'm putting "sung" in quotes here because Neru has no official voice). Interestingly, this cover was made by the same creator that made the original. English lyrics over here.
[Synth V] Natsuki Karin sings Datte [by: Yuyoyuppe]
Super cool rock song sung by Natsuki Karin! Karin is Koharu Rikka's senpai.
[VOCALOID] Otomachi Una sings Noisy Crazy Girl [by: cosMo]
Speedcore Una song! I unironically think that this song is a masterpiece. It is absolute perfection. The title I wrote here is the official English title. However, the Japanese title is "Girl Making Unusual Noises". Not sure why they are so different. English lyrics over here.
[VOCALOID] Yuzuki Yukari sings Greatful Fuck'n Days [by: Menhera Chick]
If Yukari has a million fans, I'm one of them.
If Yukari has five fans, I am one of them.
If Yukari has one fan, that one is me.
If Yukari has zero fans, then I am dead.
If the world is against Yukari, then I am against the world.
'Till my last breath, I'll support Yukari.
English lyrics over here.

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