Miscellaneous Links
Here are a bunch of links to a lot of various places that I could not categorize into the other pages on my site.
Search/Surf The Small Web (Cool! 😎)
Universal Paperclips (Game)
Comfortable Apocalypse (Twitter Thread)
Kids who grew up with search engines could change STEM education forever (The Verge)
The Smartest Website You Haven't Heard of (Ben Edelstein) [HN]
Explaining Our Date & Time System To Aliens (Twitter Thread) [HN]
1,500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities (Want to learn basically anything?)
The Best Textbooks on Every Subject (LessWrong)
How to turn a high concept idea into an actual story (io9)
10 Lessons From Real-Life Revolutions That Fictional Dystopias Ignore (io9)
Imitate. We are imperfect mirrors. (Derek Sivers)
How can introvert like me make friends? (HN Comments)
Ask HN: The “I want to do everything but end up doing nothing” dilemma (HN Comments)
Preferential Attachment (Wikipedia)
From Gongkai to Open Source (bunnie:studios)
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics (R. W. Hamming)
The Best Entrepreneur I Know (Don Pottinger)
Nobody Ever Gets Credit for Fixing Problems that Never Happened (PDF)
micro heaters cut 87% off my electric heat bill (richsoil)
On the cruelty of really teaching computing science (Edsger W. Dijkstra)
non non sequitur (suboptimalism)
'Gods' edging out robots at Toyota facility (Japan Times)
Boyhood in 19th-century rural America (Slate)
This to That (How to glue two things together)
The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement (Mr. Money Mustache)
Four Things Working at Facebook Has Taught Me About Design Critique (medium.com)
Entrepreneur porn is a dangerous fantasy (HN Comments)
Find One Person Who Gives A Shit. The Rest Is Easy. (medium.com)
What is something that you used to be a cheap ass on, until you tried the high-quality version, and now you can't go back? (/r/AskReddit)
Ask HN: Can't concentrate to focus, until it's last minute or later (HN Comments)
The Science of Making Friends (Wall St Journal)
The Lost Art of the Unsent Angry Letter (NYT Opinion)
Storytelling Course (Khan Academy)
Exponential growth devours and corrupts (Signal v. Noise)
Ask HN: Which non-technology book has influenced you the most and why? (HN Comments)
How realistic space battles would work. (SpaceBattles Forums)
Ask HN: What mistakes in your experience does management keep making? (HN Comments)
What are some good co-op games to play with your SO? (/r/AskReddit)
Ask HN: What books have made the biggest impact on your mental models? (HN Comments)
The amazing fertility of the older mind (BBC) [HN]
Ask HN: How to start afresh in a new domain after years of expertise in another? (HN Comments)
Gamers, what is the most obscure/forgotten games that deserve more attention? (/r/AskReddit)
Build, gather, brawl, repeat: The history of real-time strategy games (Ars Technica)
Candid Game Devs (Twitter Thread)
Do you ever feel like the industry is too secretive about what goes on during a game's development? (Ask A Game Dev)
Here's What Happened When I Opened a Restaurant in Portland (Williamette Week) [HN]
Every Frame A Painting Postmortem (medium.com)
Becoming Addiction-free (Steve Pavlina)
Self-help Junkies (Steve Pavlina)
Overcoming News Addiction (Steve Pavlina)
Propinquity (Wikipedia)
After 5 years and $3M, here's everything we've learned from building Ghost (Ghost Blog) [HN]
How to be a Manager
What free software is so good you can't believe it's free? (/r/AskReddit)
Here Are the 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People (Alternet)
Professional house cleaners of reddit, what do most people need to clean in their home, but don't? (/r/AskReddit)
Ask HN: How can I become more eloquent? (HN Comments)
How am I Not Burned Out? (Hank Green)
A Speech I Wrote for the ALAN Conference (John Green)
Housing can’t both be a good investment and be affordable (City Observatory)
Ask HN: How can I learn to read mathematical notation? (HN Comments)
Learning How to Learn - Talks at Google (YouTube)
List of Wikipedias (Wikipedia)
Be a Project Manager: Our System for Hiring and Managing Remote Teams (Hubstaff Blog)
The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures (HBR)
Life and society are increasingly governed by numbers (Economist)
Why You Should Start a Blog Right Now (Alexey Guzey)
The SSD Endurance Experiment: They’re all dead (Tech Report)
Million Mile Tundra: The Tear Down (Truck Trend)
The Huawei Disaster Reveals Google’s Iron Grip on Android (medium.com)
The Show Horse and the Work Horse (Granola Shotgun)
Ask HN: Your favourite tutorial for total beginners? (HN Comments)
Journaling (Jonathan Borichevskiy)
Comic writer gets stuck in a hole and Twitter saves him, point-and-click adventure style (Polygon)
What is the most secure hand cipher? (Stack Overflow)
What to Do When You Get Sherlocked by Apple (Astropad Blog)
Why We’re Betting Against Real-Time Team Messaging Apps Like Slack (Doist Blog)
The Problem With LGBT History (YouTube - Rowan Ellis)
Run Tor Bridges to Defend the Open Internet (Tor Project)
What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work (Doist Blog)
Japanese Text Art Forum
How to Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Always-On BitTorrent Box (How-To Geek)
List of elected and appointed female heads of state and government (Wikipedia)
How “randomizers” are breathing new life into old games (Ars Technica)
Crossing the Great Canadian Electric Vehicle Desert (The Resistor Network)
How Focus Became More Valuable Than Intelligence (Alex Petrache)
Why do animals adopt? (BBC)
Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need
How are regular people happy that they’re working a 9-5 job? (Reddit Comment)
My productivity app for the past 12 years has been a single .txt file (Jeff Huang)
I have seen things (Murat Demirbas) [HN]
Do whatever you can't stop thinking about (HN Comments)
Google tracked his bike ride past a burglarized home. That made him a suspect. (NBC)
'I wear my grandad’s old boxers': meet the people who haven't bought clothes for a decade (The Guardian)
Build Stuff (why.degree) [HN]
Ask HN: What is your blog and why should I read it? (HN Comments)
Russians of reddit, what is the older generations opinion on the USSR? (/r/AskReddit)
Prusa 3D Print Farm for Nerf Mods (Out of Darts)
History of Computer Art -- Part 1
An intro to Pen Plotters (medium.com) [HN]
People who are 40+ and happy with their life, what is your advice to people in their 20s? (/r/AskReddit)
Henry Darger (Wikipedia)
Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage
Stripe's remote engineering hub, one year in (Stripe Blog)
A Modest Privacy Protection Proposal
The Sound of Silence (Jessica Livingston)
Blockbusting (Wikipedia)
Eastern European Movies
I Know What You Download
How To Speak by Patrick Winston (YouTube)
Writing Excuses Podcast
The long, incredibly tortuous, and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font (Quartz)
Anime's Digital Revolution (YouTube - AnimeEveryday)
Copying is an act of love. Please copy and share. (Copyheart)
Teaching Talk: Helping Students Who Procrastinate (Tim Pychyl) (YouTube)
We started Mullvad VPN in 2009 for political reasons. (HN Comment)
The Paranoid's Bible: An anti-dox effort.
Performing a Project Premortem (HBR)
How to write in plain English
How to Make an Actually Good Tutorial (YouTube - Miziziziz)
Speaking Japanese Fluently in 6 Months | 6 Steps to Success (YouTube - Abroad in Japan)
View From Nowhere (Wikipedia)
Taiwan is a civilization (Noahpinion)
Augmenting Long-term Memory
My Father Just Retired - What He Said to Me Scared the Shit Out of Me (/r/TrueOffMyChest)
A new and innovative way for Google to kill your SaaS startup (medium.com) [HN]
History of 4chan (Bibliotheca Anonoma)
Why didn't electricity immediately change manufacturing? (BBC)
Gender neutrality in languages with grammatical gender (Wikipedia)
The Happiest Prisoners (Legion Magazine)
Lawyer Whose Main Claim To Fame Is Suing A News Org To Get It Shut Down, Now Complains About 'Cancel Culture' (Techdirt)
Weebs! (Noahpinion)
Potemkin village (Wikipedia)
Knights of the Golden Circle (Wikipedia)
The Amazing Story of Morris Chang (Sahil Bloom)
Ask HN: How does onlyfans.com work around the “no porn” Stripe rule? (HN thread)
How To Become A Hacker (Eric Steven Raymond)
The carbon footprint sham (Mashable)
Your Car Is Spying on You, and a CBP Contract Shows the Risks (The Intercept)
Thinking about taking your computer to the repair shop? Be very afraid (Ars Technica)
Floating Solar: A Win-Win for Drought-Stricken Lakes in U.S. (Yale E360)
5 programming languages you need to know (medium.com)
Coding is Not Computer Science (r y x, r)
How do font designers design for Japanese and Chinese, languages that both use millions of individual Chinese characters? (/r/explainlikeimfive)
Stop learning (Nash Vail)
Free markets are creating a major free speech problem (Slow Boring)
Cantonese: How professors, students and activists are preserving the language (Hashtag Legend)
How A Liberal Teleworking Policy Led to the Demise of the Jedi Council (Imgur)
How a 29-Year-Old Woman Cosplayed Her Way Into Taiwan’s Center of Power (Vice)
Why Wikipedia cannot claim the Earth is not flat (Wikipedia)
Sunk Cost Galaxy Series (YouTube)
The Left-NIMBY canon (Noahpinion)
Does China think long-term while America thinks short-term? (Noahpinion)
Stop insisting the West is as bad as Russia (The Critic)
Analysis: Guide to Russian political talk shows (BBC Monitoring)
Russia’s Long Disdain for Ukrainian Nationhood (WSJ)
Why All Russians Are Responsible for Putin's War [And all people of other countries are responsible for their countries' crimes] (Youtube - Vlad Vexler)
'Silence Patton': First Victim of the Cold War (HuffPost)
We looked at almost 100 leaders who tried Xi Jinping-style power grabs. Here’s how they turned out. (CNBC)
Elon Musk says he wants free speech, but his track record suggests otherwise (CNBC)
The Uber Leak Exposes the Global War on Workers (Tribune)