Javascript Animations
In the final two weeks of 2020 I decided I needed something cool and flashy to show off on my website, and decided to make 6 pages with cool animations done with Javascript canvas. These were well-received, and I kept these on my homepage for some time. But later I decided that these weren't all that interesting compared to the rest of my site, which had developed a lot since I first made these animations. And honestly I think the code is subpar compared to what I could have made if I weren't kind of rushing these out. So I got rid of the links on my homepage, but kept the actual pages still on the site for a while. I honestly had sort of forgotten about these pages until an old mutual who saw these originally said that these animations were cool and couldn't find them. So yeah, I've put the links back up right here in case someone else might be interested. I'd totally love to see other people make stuff like this, the code & math isn't super complicated.


Imaginary Hexagons


Rainbow Tiles Part 1

Rainbow Tiles Part 2