Design Evolution of This Website
V4 New - Late Summer 2021 - Current design. I changed the default font from Arial to Verdana, and polished up the V4 design so it wouldn't look like a barely modified version of V3. Also added icons to the homepage about a week before I made this update.
V4 Old - Summer 2021 - I wanted to have my website design to have my favourite black & yellow colour theme, but also be bright. I also shrank the size of my "LH" icon at the top, because it was kind of obnoxiously huge in V3 and V2.
V3 - Spring 2021 - I wanted a design that was bright and "natural" themed, and this what I ended up with. The top banner photo is a photo of Taiwan's mountains. And the content boxes are supposed be like paper. During the time of the V3 design was also when I started making pages with their own unique designs that didn't use the homepage theme. The vtuber page was the first page I made that had its own unique design. This page still uses my V3 design.
V2 - Winter 2021 - This was the design I liked the most before I got bored of it. I really like the black with yellow highlights aesthetic a lot. This design introduced my "LH" logo to the world wide web. V2 is also when I collected and made my own 88x31 buttons. This page still uses my V2 design.
V1 - Fall 2020 - Haha, dancing letters go brrr. The green colour in the title is #69DEAD 😉 This was a simple design I threw together quickly to hold the content I wished to share with the world. It didn't even have "subhead" elements which I added in V2. However, V1 and all subsequent designs were 100% mobile friendly thanks to the simplicity of my design and my knowledge of CSS @media queries. This page still uses my V1 design.
V0 - Sept 2020 - Although it was my first proper design, V1 was not how my website looked on day 1. I briefly had a design with a lot random anime GIFs and an "under construction" message. What it looked like was lost to time though. My old 404 page is the closest thing resembling my website in the very early days.
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