Things For Designers
Color Scheme Designer
The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX (
The $300 Million Button (UX story)
Subtle Patterns (Tiling background pattens)
Nifty Modal Window Effects (Inspiration)
Web typography for non-designers (PressLabs)
The Nine States of Design (
How Users Really Perceive Interfaces: Psychological and Biological Approach to User Interfaces (
Brutalist Websites (Inspiration)
How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations (
Your Friendly Guide to Colors in Data Visualisation (
Motherfucking Website
Design Machines (Travis Gertz)
Little UI Details (Twitter Thread)
Optical Effects in User Interfaces (
A Five-Minute Guide to Better Typography (Pierrick Calvez)
Font Stacks (CSS-Tricks)
Designing the end papers for ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing’ (Jason Markow)
How white space killed an enterprise app (and why data density matters) (UX Collective)
Icons: avoid temptation and start with user needs (NHS Digital)
How to create a monospaced font (Prototypo)
No Cutting Corners on the iPhone X (
Apple design, squircles, and curvature (John D. Cook)
Flutter Gradients (Github)
The Whimsical Web
In Defense of a Fussy Website (CSS-Tricks)
Bootstrap Icon Library
How to Design a Logo - Full Identity Design Course (YouTube - DesignCourse)
Design a Gradient Logo Illustrator Tutorial (YouTube - Dansky)
More to come, stay tuned...