All CrashCourse Courses
CrashCourse is an educational YouTube channel founded by the vlogbrothers that makes crash courses on many different subjects. A lot of these courses are based off of university course or AP course material. Below is a list of all the courses they have so far. Hope you get something useful out of these! I enjoyed the world history and economics courses. In case this page gets out of date, here is the up-to-date playlist section on the CrashCourse channel.
World History — Hosted by John Green
World History 2 — Hosted by John Green
Big History — Hosted by John Green, Hank Green, and Emily Graslie
Big History 2 — Hosted by Emily Graslie
European History — Hosted by John Green
US History — Hosted by John Green
History of Science — Hosted by Hank Green
World Mythology — Hosted by Mike Rugnetta
Black American History — Hosted by Clint Smith
Economics — Hosted by Adriene Hill and Jacob Clifford
Business Entrepreneurship — Hosted by Anna Akana
Business Soft Skills — Hosted by Evelyn from the Internets
Intellectual Property — Hosted by Stan Muller
Computer Science — Hosted by Carrie Anne Philbin
Artificial Intelligence — Hosted by Jabril Ashe
Engineering — Hosted by Shini Somara
Statistics — Hosted by Adriene Hill
Physical Science
Physics — Hosted by Shini Somara
Chemistry — Hosted by Hank Green
Organic Chemistry — Hosted by Deboki Chakravarti
Geography — Hosted by Alizé Carrère
Astronomy — Hosted by Phil Plait
Life Science
Anatomy & Physiology — Hosted by Hank Green
Biology — Hosted by Hank Green
Ecology — Hosted by Hank Green
Zoology — Hosted by Rae Wynn-Grant
Outbreak Science — Hosted by Dr. Pardis Sabeti
Social Science
Linguistics — Hosted by Taylor Behnke
Psychology — Hosted by Hank Green
Sociology — Hosted by Nicole Sweeney
US Government and Politics — Hosted by Craig Benzine (WeezyWaiter)
Media Studies
Literature 1 — Hosted by John Green
Literature 2 — Hosted by John Green
Literature 3 — Hosted by John Green
Literature 4 — Hosted by John Green
Media Literacy — Hosted by Jay Smooth
Navigating Digital Information — Hosted by John Green
Film History — Hosted by Craig Benzine (WeezyWaiter)
Film Production — Hosted by Lily Gladstone
Film Criticism — Hosted by Michael Aranda
Theater and Drama — Hosted by Mike Rugnetta
Games — Hosted by Andre Meadows