(2021-09-26) My YouTube Channel

Below is the the only video on my YouTube channel right now:

So when I was a NEET for a year back in 2016 & 2017, I was a fan of a Minecraft YouTuber called FitMC. During one of FitMC's streams he said something funny, so I made a clip of it and added some of my own little flair to it. Though I did have a YouTube account under my old username that I created during the yellow subscribe button era, I didn't have a YouTube channel at the time under my LiterallyHifumi username to upload it to. So I made my new channel on March 12, 2017 to upload my FitMC video to. The video managed to get a few hundred views after I posted it on a relevant subreddit, nice.

That year I also uploaded around 6 other videos. Two of these videos were clips of other YouTubers saying something funny/interesting, and one was a weird vocaloid thing. At this time I was a huuuge fan of the virtual youtuber Kizuna AI, and I made a modified version of a short video of Kizuna AI advertising her Facebook page that had subtitles on it that made it seem like Kizuna AI was advertising FreshBooks (the pronunciation of Facebook and FreshBooks sound similar in Japanese). Also I made a weird meme video with Justin Y (a guy who commented on a lot of youtube videos) in it.

One of the other videos I uploaded in 2017 was the video you see embedded above. I had been into vocaloid for 5 years at that time, and through the vocaloid community I found out about MikuMikuDance (MMD for short). MMD is a free 3D animation program that is popular amongst the vocaloid fandom and was used for some vocaloid music videos. MMD is also used by anime fans to create fan animations of their favourite characters. There was this one MMD meme that I saw back in the early days of my vocaloid interest of three Hatsune Mikus doing funny faces and dances while Everybody by the Backstreet Boys played in the background. Because a lot of the MMD community is open about sharing their 3D models and motion data, it's common to see people make memes with it with various characters doing the same dance or whatever was animated (as well as making music videos with their favourite characters switched in). This Kizuna AI version of the Everybody MMD meme was what inspired me to make a Takimoto Hifumi version of the meme.

So I downloaded MMD, the Everybody meme motion data, and a model of Hifumi, and rendered the video above. I titled it in a very clickbaity way, and also posted a link to it in a New Game thread on /a/. It got to 1000 views pretty quickly. I was pretty proud that it got that many views, even though my Justin Y video surpassed it in views later.

So about a year or so later, because of worries that my channel would get eventually taken down because I was using copyrighted content and other people's content, and the fact that I felt that most of the meme videos I put up on my YouTube channel were cringe, I privated or deleted everything except the video above. These days I only use my YouTube channel for my playlists, and to comment on videos sometimes. Some time in the future I might upload new videos to my channel or even livestream someday.

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