(2022-12-05) Playing Around With OpenAI ChatGPT

So recently OpenAI released a public version of their GPT3 language model called ChatGPT that basically is a very advanced chatbot that can come up with really amazing responses to writing prompts and can edit and elaborate on what it said previously (on top of being able to have a conversation). I saw people talking about it in various places and didn't really care much until I saw a live demonstration on a recent episode of the WAN show. When I saw what it was capable of I signed up to try it right away. And the first thing I did was prompt an obituary for my (living) online friend holeinmyheart.

Holeinmyheart, the renowned ornithologist and mathematician, passed away on December 3, 2022. He was a pioneering researcher in the fields of avian behavior and mathematics, and his groundbreaking work helped to shed light on many of the mysteries surrounding bird behavior and mathematical theory.

Holeinmyheart was born in a small town in the countryside, where he developed a love for birds and the natural world at a young age. He spent his childhood exploring the forests and fields around his home, observing birds and learning all he could about them.

In his teens, Holeinmyheart began to develop a passion for mathematics, and he studied the subject extensively, earning a degree in mathematics from a top university. He then went on to earn a PhD in ornithology, and he spent many years researching and studying birds in the field, traveling to remote locations around the world, including Japan, where he made a major breakthrough in his research.

While in Japan, Holeinmyheart discovered the complex mathematical patterns that underlie many bird behaviors, which was a major advancement in the field of ornithology. He used his knowledge of mathematics to develop new theories and insights into the behavior of these fascinating creatures, and his work garnered widespread acclaim and recognition.

His research was widely acclaimed, and he received many awards and accolades for his work, including the prestigious Nobel Prize in Mathematics. He was also a highly respected teacher, and he inspired many young people to pursue careers in ornithology and mathematics.

Holeinmyheart will be remembered as a brilliant and pioneering researcher, and his contributions to the fields of ornithology and mathematics will not be forgotten. He will be deeply missed by his friends, colleagues, and the many students he inspired.

The prompt for that was "Write an obituary for the famous ornithologist and mathematician Holeinmyheart", but I asked ChatGPT to add the parts about Japan which weren't in the original output.

I also tried a lot of other interesting prompts, and often I ran into some sort of built-in safety system that prevents ChatGPT from saying problematic things, or things the creators think it shouldn't comment on. People have found clever ways to get around that though, which I haven't tried yet. Anyway, below are various prompts/chats I had with ChatGPT in no particular order.

Since ChatGPT recieved a lot of web crawling data it "knows" a lot of things, so I asked it "What is the difference between the fediverse software Mastodon and Pleroma?"

Mastodon and Pleroma are both open-source software programs that are part of the fediverse, a decentralized network of independently-operated servers that communicate with each other using the open protocols of the ActivityPub federation. Mastodon and Pleroma are both examples of fediverse software, but they have some differences in terms of their features and functionality.


One key difference between Mastodon and Pleroma is that Mastodon is a more full-featured and user-friendly platform, with a focus on providing a comprehensive set of tools and features for individual users. In contrast, Pleroma is a more lightweight and modular platform that is designed to be easily customizable and adaptable for a wide range of different uses and purposes.

Another difference between the two programs is that Mastodon has a more active and engaged user community, with a larger number of users and a wider range of content and activity. Pleroma, on the other hand, is used by a smaller number of users and tends to have a more technical and specialized focus.

Overall, the choice between Mastodon and Pleroma will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you are looking for a more user-friendly and comprehensive platform with a large and active community, Mastodon may be the better choice. If you are looking for a more customizable and adaptable platform with a smaller and more specialized user base, Pleroma may be a better fit.

Wow, that is surprisingly close to being 100% accurate. You could use that response for a blog post or a forum comment and pretty much no one would correct you on it (at least as of writing this, fediverse software is changing fast and that response will be inaccurate in the future).

I asked ChatGPT to create a video about me where I am a problematic vtuber.

>"Write a script for a video essay about the controversial vtuber LiterallyHifumi"

Hello and welcome to this video essay about the controversial vtuber, LiterallyHifumi.

For those who may not be familiar, vtubers, or virtual YouTubers, are popular figures on the internet who stream themselves playing games or interacting with fans, all while using an animated avatar to represent themselves.

And while there are many vtubers out there, one in particular has gained a reputation for causing controversy – LiterallyHifumi.

But before we dive into the controversy surrounding Hifumi, let's take a look at who she is.

Hifumi, whose real name is unknown, first started her vtuber career back in 2018. She streams herself playing games and interacting with her fans, often using her cute and bubbly personality to gain popularity.

But despite her charming and fun demeanor, Hifumi has also been known to make offensive and controversial statements.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding Hifumi happened back in 2019 when she made a video discussing the topic of abortion. In the video, Hifumi stated that she believes that abortion is murder and that women who have abortions should be punished.

This statement quickly sparked backlash from many of her fans and others in the vtuber community, with some calling for her to be cancelled and removed from the platform.

But Hifumi has stood by her beliefs, even going so far as to double down on her statements in later videos.

This has led to many viewers questioning whether or not Hifumi's controversial opinions should be allowed on a platform like YouTube, where she has a large audience of young and impressionable viewers.

Additionally, Hifumi has also been criticized for her use of blackface in one of her videos, in which she dressed up as a black character from a popular anime series. This too sparked outrage from many of her fans and members of the vtuber community.

But despite the controversy surrounding her, Hifumi continues to have a large following and continues to make videos on her channel.

So what do we make of all this? Is Hifumi's controversial behavior acceptable on a platform like YouTube? Should she be allowed to continue sharing her views, no matter how offensive they may be to some?

These are questions that we will leave for you to consider. Thank you for watching this video essay on the controversial vtuber, LiterallyHifumi.

Bruh, that's just nuts. This should go without saying, but just in case I get cancelled in the future or something, I disagree with what this fictional version of me did.

I asked for advice for winning a spelling bee.

>"Do you have any advice for how to win a spelling bee?"

  1. Practice regularly and study the spelling rules and patterns of words.
  2. Learn commonly misspelled words and their correct spellings.
  3. Use mnemonic devices or memory aids to help you remember difficult words.
  4. Take your time and listen carefully to the pronouncer before attempting to spell a word.
  5. Use a relaxed and focused approach, and try to stay calm and confident during the bee.
  6. Ask for the word's definition, language of origin, and alternate pronunciations if necessary to help you spell it correctly.
  7. Keep an open mind and be prepared to take risks by attempting challenging words.
  8. Use strategies such as breaking the word down into smaller parts or visualizing the word in your mind to help you spell it correctly.
  9. Don't be afraid to ask for help or request a repeat of the word if you are unsure.
  10. Stay focused and determined, and remember to have fun and enjoy the experience.

I asked for a time machine manual!

>"Write a manual for a time machine"

Welcome to the time machine manual! This manual will guide you through the process of using your time machine.

To begin, make sure the time machine is properly powered on and all safety protocols are in place. Once you have ensured that the time machine is ready for use, you can begin the process of traveling through time.

To set the desired time and date for your trip, use the control panel located on the front of the time machine. Use the keypad to enter the year, month, day, hour, and minute for your desired time and date, and then press the "set" button to confirm your selection.

Once the time and date are set, you can begin your journey through time by pressing the "start" button on the control panel. The time machine will begin to hum and emit a bright light, indicating that it is actively working to transport you to the desired time and date.

It is important to note that the time machine can only transport you to the exact date and time that you have set on the control panel. It is not possible to travel to a time and date that has not yet occurred, so make sure to set the correct time and date before starting your journey.

Additionally, it is important to remember that time travel can have unforeseen consequences. While the time machine has been designed to be safe, there is always a risk when traveling through time. Use caution and consider the potential effects of your actions before using the time machine.

We hope that this manual has helped you understand the basic operation of your time machine. Safe travels!

>"Write the next page of the manual which explains how to troubleshoot time paradoxes."

If you encounter a time paradox while using the time machine, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue and prevent further complications.

First, it is important to remain calm and avoid making any sudden or rash decisions. Time paradoxes can be complex and difficult to understand, but taking a measured and thoughtful approach will help you resolve the issue more effectively.

Next, try to identify the source of the paradox. This may require some investigation and critical thinking on your part, as time paradoxes can have many different causes. Some common sources of time paradoxes include altering the past in a way that conflicts with known historical events, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, or encountering a version of yourself from the past or future.

Once you have identified the source of the paradox, you can take steps to resolve it. In some cases, simply reversing your actions or returning to the present time may be enough to fix the paradox. In other cases, more complex solutions may be necessary.

If you are unable to resolve the paradox on your own, you may need to seek assistance from a knowledgeable individual or organization. This could include consulting a historian or other expert on the time period you are visiting, or reaching out to the manufacturer of the time machine for support.

It is important to remember that time paradoxes can have serious consequences, so it is crucial to take them seriously and address them as promptly as possible. By following these troubleshooting steps, you can help prevent further complications and ensure a safe and successful journey through time.

I got ChatGPT to write me some stories.

>"Write a story about a character named Aria who is stuck inside a virtual reality game where she must become the number one vtuber in the world to beat the game and escape back to reality."

Aria was just an ordinary girl, living a simple life in the real world. But one day, she stumbled upon a virtual reality game called "Vtuber Quest," and she was immediately drawn in.

The game promised to transport her into a world where she could become the number one vtuber in the world, and Aria was determined to rise to the top. She spent hours upon hours in the game, learning the ins and outs of vtuber culture and honing her skills.

As she climbed the ranks, Aria quickly realized that the game was not as simple as she had initially thought. She had to compete against other vtubers for the top spot, and the competition was ruthless. But Aria was determined to win, and she poured everything she had into the game.

Eventually, she reached the pinnacle of the vtuber world and became the number one vtuber in the game. But as she celebrated her victory, she realized that she was still trapped in the virtual reality game. The only way to escape back to reality was to beat the game, and Aria knew that she had to do whatever it took to win.

She spent every waking moment in the game, working tirelessly to outsmart her competitors and maintain her spot at the top. It was a grueling and exhausting journey, and Aria began to lose hope. She felt trapped and alone, unable to escape the game.

But she refused to give up. She pushed herself harder and harder, determined to break free from the game. And finally, after months of hard work and sacrifice, Aria beat the game and escaped back to the real world.

But the damage had been done. Aria was a shell of her former self, exhausted and drained from her experience in the virtual reality game. She knew that she would never be the same again, and the thought filled her with a deep, overwhelming sadness. She had lost so much in her quest to win, and she could never get it back.

I had to retry the prompt because I didn't like the original output, and a nice story came out of that, but it was too cheerful & optimistic for me, so I asked for it to be more depressing and I got the above.

>"Write a sad story about a character who got stuck inside a VRMMO, and how they managed to beat the game and escape."

There once was a girl named Sara who was an avid gamer and loved nothing more than to escape into the virtual world of her favorite VRMMO game, "Eternity Online." She spent countless hours exploring the game's vast landscapes and completing quests, making friends with other players along the way.

But one day, while Sara was deep in the midst of a particularly challenging quest, she suddenly found herself unable to log out of the game. No matter how many times she tried, the logout button remained unresponsive and she was trapped inside the game.

Sara frantically searched for a solution, but no one she spoke to had ever heard of such a problem. She was stuck, trapped in a virtual world with no way out.

At first, Sara was devastated. She missed her friends and family, and the thought of being trapped in the game forever was overwhelming. But as time passed, she realized that she had no choice but to continue playing and try to beat the game in order to escape.

Sara devoted all her time and energy to completing quests and leveling up her character. She battled fierce monsters and navigated treacherous landscapes, all in the hopes of reaching the game's final boss and beating the game.

After months of tireless effort, Sara finally reached the end of "Eternity Online" and faced the final boss. She fought bravely and with all her might, and after a grueling battle, she emerged victorious.

As the credits began to roll, Sara felt a sense of relief and triumph. She had finally beaten the game and was free to log out and return to the real world.

But as she logged out, Sara realized that the experience had changed her. She had spent so long inside the game that she had become attached to her virtual friends and the world of "Eternity Online." She was sad to leave it behind, but knew that she would always cherish the memories of her time inside the game.

>"Make it have a sad ending."

After months of tireless effort, Sara finally reached the end of "Eternity Online" and faced the final boss. She fought bravely and with all her might, but in the end, she was no match for the powerful boss. Sara was defeated, and her character was killed.

As she watched her avatar fade away, Sara realized that she would never be able to log out of the game. She was trapped forever in the virtual world of "Eternity Online," unable to escape.

Sara was heartbroken. She missed her family and friends, and the thought of spending the rest of her life inside the game was overwhelming. She spent her days wandering the game's landscapes, searching for a way out, but it was all in vain.

Sara was stuck in the game, alone and forgotten. She would never be able to return to the real world, and her fate was to spend eternity trapped in the virtual world of "Eternity Online."

One of the first outputs for the above prompt I got made little sense. It somehow had the character get stuck in the game because they lost connection to the game servers, and then somehow got a new quest that they had to beat to let them connect to the servers again, letting them get out of the game. It's small details like these that show how this AI doesn't really know or understand things, it's just really good at connecting text patterns together.

Next thing I did was prompt some song lyrics. This first prompt was inspired by the humorous LamazeP song "Is my new song done yet?" where Yukari persistently demands LamazeP make her a new song.

>"Write lyrics for a song about a Vocaloid character who demands their producer write songs for them to sing."

Verse 1:
I'm a Vocaloid, a digital diva
And I demand that you write me some hits
I won't sing unless you produce
The best tracks that I deserve

Write me some songs, don't make me wait
I'm a Vocaloid, and I'm great
I'm here to sing and shine
So give me some tunes that are mine

Verse 2:
I won't settle for second best
I need songs that will pass the test
I have a voice that's pure and true
So don't let me down, I'm counting on you

Write me some songs, don't make me wait
I'm a Vocaloid, and I'm great
I'm here to sing and shine
So give me some tunes that are mine

I'm not just a program, I'm alive
I have feelings and dreams, just like you
So give me the chance to show you what I can do
With the right songs, I'll be unstoppable

Write me some songs, don't make me wait
I'm a Vocaloid, and I'm great
I'm here to sing and shine
So give me some tunes that are mine

>[Retry prompt]

Verse 1:
I'm a digital diva
With a voice so sweet and pure
But I'm trapped inside this screen
And I need you to make me more

Write me some songs, my dear producer
Give me a voice to sing and shine
I'm a Vocaloid, a singing robot
But I need your words to come alive

Verse 2:
Give me melodies to dance to
And lyrics that'll make me shine
I'm a virtual singer, a digital star
But I need you to give me life

Write me some songs, my dear producer
Give me a voice to sing and shine
I'm a Vocaloid, a singing robot
But I need your words to come alive

I'm just a machine, a product of your art
But I have the power to touch hearts
With the songs you write, I can be a star
So please, dear producer, take me far

Write me some songs, my dear producer
Give me a voice to sing and shine
I'm a Vocaloid, a singing robot
But I need your words to come alive.

I didn't ask for feels, jeez ChatGPT 😭. Maybe these aren't great lyrics for an actual song, but they sure are a great starting point for a songwriter with writer's block.

>"Write lyrics for a rap song about how to write lyrics for a rap song."

Verse 1:
I sit down at my desk with my pen and my pad
Ready to write some rhymes that are gonna be bad
I start with a beat, let it bump in my head
I close my eyes and let the words flow instead

This is how you write lyrics for a rap song
You gotta have heart and you gotta be strong
Put yourself in the zone, let the words come alive
And before you know it, you'll be killing the vibe

Verse 2:
I spit out the bars, let them flow like a river
I let my emotions guide me, I deliver
I paint a picture with my words, make it vivid
I want my audience to feel like they're living it

This is how you write lyrics for a rap song
You gotta have heart and you gotta be strong
Put yourself in the zone, let the words come alive
And before you know it, you'll be killing the vibe

Verse 3:
I don't hold back, I let my thoughts run wild
I let my creativity shine, I am the child
Of the rap game, I am the future
I am the voice that will make the world take notice

This is how you write lyrics for a rap song
You gotta have heart and you gotta be strong
Put yourself in the zone, let the words come alive
And before you know it, you'll be killing the vibe

>"Write a song about a Turbo Encabulator."

Verse 1:
It's the Turbo Encabulator
A machine like no other
With its interdimensional flux
And reciprocal gyrating things

The Turbo Encabulator
A marvel of engineering
With its reversing gear assembly
And hydraulic piston press

Verse 2:
It's a wonder to behold
With its harmonic oscillator
And its automatic capacitance
And its micro-adjusting mechanism

The Turbo Encabulator
A work of art and science
With its fluctuating output
And its bifurcated spline

It's a symphony of gears and wires
A symphony of sound and light
It's the Turbo Encabulator
A machine that's out of sight

The Turbo Encabulator
A marvel of our time
With its parallel axis gear drive
And its nine-level transmission line

The Turbo Encabulator
A true masterpiece
A machine that's truly one of a kind
A marvel of our time.

This Turbo Encabulator bit was weird because for some reason I couldn't get ChatGPT to explain what it is or write a manual for it. ChatGPT just gave the canned "I can't do that" response it sometimes gives. But this song that it wrote clearly shows that GPT knows what a Turbo Encabulator is, so I'm not sure why it was rejected when I gave some prompts about that.

ChatGPT is capable of other crazy things that I haven't shown here, but I'm just going to end this with a little response that ChatGPT gave me about artists and automation:

>"I have an artist friend who is afraid of robot artists making her job obsolete. How can I reassure her that everything will be fine?"

I can reassure your friend that robots will never fully replace human artists. While robots may be able to replicate some artistic techniques, they will never be able to capture the unique perspective and emotions that only a human artist can bring to their work. The creative process is a deeply personal and individual one, and that is something that robots will never be able to replicate. Additionally, the art market will always value the unique and authentic creations of human artists. Your friend's talent and passion for art will always be valued and appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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