(2022-08-01) New Game's Character Birthdays Aren't Completely Arbitrary

New Game is one of my most favourite anime. It's an animanga series about a bunch of girls who work as game developers/designers at a game studio. Though there is some drama and minor plot progression, the show is overall a mostly chill slice-of-lifey experience. It's nice and I think you should watch it. In case you don't know, I chose my internet name based off of one of the characters in this show.

So some time ago I was randomly browsing around the interwebs and I saw someone point out that one of the 4 main characters in the show has a birthday that corresponds to some attribute of them and it made a lot of sense to me. At first I didn't really think much of it, but then later on I noticed that another one of the main 4 characters also has a birthday that corresponds to some attribute of them. After that I totally had to figure out what the other characters' birthdays mean. Figuring all this out required some of my small knowledge of Japanese that I've picked up on plus knowing some otaku memes. Anyways, here's the characters and their birthday meanings:

I haven't really looked into the other characters and their birthday meanings. Maybe there's something there, but I haven't really noticed anything. Either they are completely arbitrary or require better knowledge to figure out. It's cool that the author made the characters have meaningful birthdays. I remember in English class I was taught about how fictional characters names and other attributes may have some interesting deeper meaning if the author is really good at this kind of thing. This sort of in the same ballpark as figuring out why the curtains are blue and stuff. And I'm glad I figured out why some curtains are blue here.

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