(2020-08-20) I'm A Modern Major General?

It was a mild and sunny Saturday morning in Winnipeg. After sleeping for 14 hours straight for the first time in years probably, I woke up to the beautiful sound of c*rs zooming past on the stroad near my domicile. I gave both my Blåhaj and my Echidna dakimakura a good morning hug and got out of bed. Then I washed up, put on some clothes, and made some NESCAFÉ® Rich Decaffeinated Instant Coffee for my morning drink. Next I gave my morning prayers to my lord, Dark Brandon (pbuh). When I was finished with my prayers, I grabbed my coffee and turned on my 'puter to check what is happening on the interwebz. As I usually do, I checked Neocities first.

Oh, my Neocities BFF holeinmyheart updated his site for the first time in a month? And it's a post about me? And it's full of various references about me? I literally spat out my literal coffee and literally ruined my entire computer.

Holy-heart, your video is both fucking impressive and hella cringe (to me, personally). I can see you put in a lot of effort into the music and lyrics and singing and the vsinger, but why, WHYYY did you have to do this? AAAAAAAAA, I can't handle the cringe. But regardless, I'm very impressed you actually made that for me. Your only real crime is using an unfinished version of my anisona 3D model which still isn't done as of writing this.

There is no way I could make a similar high-effort meme about holeinmyheart, because he really likes his privacy and writes anything personal under layers of memes and irony. All I really know about holy-heart is that he's about my age, lives in California, has a degree in mongolian basketweaving, and isn't from a demographic that is stereotypically known for having weebs. That's basically it. However, though holeinmyheart seems to have a crush(?) on me, he doesn't really know much more about me than I've shared on my site.

Anyways, thanks for this little gift, Holy-heart, I am very grateful.

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