(2021-09-28) My iPad 2 And The Things I Did With It

A long time ago, I did not like Apple products. I was a total Apple hater, I thought that people who owned Apple stuff were being ripped off and Apple products were just the worst, even though almost everyone in my school owned an iPod, and a few classmates had iPhones (which were new and novel at the time). I was very into Microsoft stuff too, I even bought a Zune HD when it wasn't yet available here in Canada. I bought it when my family drove down to the states for a shopping trip. Later I would even buy a few months of the Zune Pass subscription. But eventually I came into a situation where I could play around with someone else's iPad, and... I really enjoyed it. It was super fluid, and super fun, the experience was as magical as Apple's advertising said it would be. I finally understood why people liked Apple stuff. So a few months later in the summer of 2011 I got an iPad 2. A white 32GB model.

Back when I first got the iPad, it ran iOS4, which needed to be connected to iTunes to be able to be updated. iOS5 was the first version of iOS that could be independent of iTunes and could have the device download updates over-the-air and update itself. The day it came out, Apple's servers were slammed by everyone trying to download it at once, and I got errors over and over again trying to update to iOS5. But eventually it worked and I had an iPad that ran by itself.

For the first few years, I was the only person in my family who used the iPad. I used it mainly to play games, but I also used it as an alarm clock, and some other minor utility tasks. I would spend probably over $100 on games and apps. The games I played and really enjoyed included Asphalt 6, Bad Piggies, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Run Roo Run, and Block Breaker 3 Unlimited (best game evar). I also played Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite, though I couldn't really do much in the game because the lite version didn't allow you to save your game. There were a few other games I played, but I don't really want to talk about them.

So of course later I ended up bringing my iPad to my high school. I'm pretty certain I was the only student in the school who had brought an iPad 2 there. There was a guy I saw who owned a first-gen iPad, but I never talked to him. I wasn't really the center of attention because of my iPad, but I did get a few people who came up to me who asked questions about it or just watched me use it. At school I played games and sometimes let my friends play games on the tablet during our breaks.

Later, as an experiment, I wanted to be super duper modern and go completely paperless and only use my iPad for school stuff. It didn't work out for various reasons. First off, I still needed to take papers from my teachers, and hand in assignments in paper. But I could have still worked with that, while just taking notes on my iPad, right? Sadly no, the note taking experience was abysmal for the couple weeks I tried taking notes digitally. See, back then iPads didn't have precise Apple-made styluses like they do now. I used one of those soft rubber-tipped stylus pens that work with capacitive touchscreens. Because of the reduced precision of the kind of stylus I used, note-taking apps had a zoomed-in window where you wrote your writing while you could move around where it wrote. It was a little bit annoying writing like that, but I was OK at first. But after a while I realized I was writing sooo sloooowly, which was a huge problem because I was taking advanced classes, and I needed to absorb as much of the important information as possible without having to spend mental energy trying to work with an inefficient digital note taking system. So pretty quickly I went back to doing my notes on paper.

Eventually, I completely stopped using the iPad. The changes that got me to stop using the iPad was getting an iPhone 4S (my first smartphone), and getting my own laptop. Both of those devices were better at doing the tasks the iPad could do, so I no longer needed to use the tablet anymore. My parents would later start using the iPad to browse the web and read the news after I stopped using it. And they did use it for a while, almost 6 years. The reason they stopped using it was because me and my older sibling decided to buy them a new iPad as a birthday present last year.

Now the iPad 2 is back in my hands. I haven't really used it at all since I got it back, but I plan to keep it around for the sentimental value. Maybe I'll play some of the old games I played a lot before.

Thanks for reading.

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