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2022-12-25 — How Bad Is Windows 11 Anyway?
I bought a laptop with Windows 11 on it and tried out this mildly-controversial OS.
2022-12-07 — Reviving My Dead Computer
My main computer broke and I managed to fix it.
2022-12-05 — Playing Around With OpenAI ChatGPT
A cool new AI chatbot came out and I got it to write some interesting stuff.
2022-10-25 — I Made An Original Character In VRoid
VRoid is a fun piece of software to make 3D character models with.
2022-10-14 — A Modded Mini PC And A Linux Adventure
I upgraded a fan on a mini PC and installed GNU/Linux on it.
2022-09-08 — I'm Somewhat Of A Data Hoarder Now
I have a backup of all the singing synthesizer songs I've shared.
2022-08-20 — I'm A Modern Major General?
Woke up to something that I didn't expect.
2022-08-16 — How To Watch Torrents While They Are Still Downloading
You don't need to wait for torrents of video files to finish downloading to be able to watch them.
2022-08-03 — How I Update My Neocities Site
Some people may not know how you can edit Neocities nicely without paying for supporter to get drive mounting.
2022-08-01 — New Game's Character Birthdays Aren't Completely Arbitrary
A post about how I figured out that New Game's characters have non-arbitrary birthdays.
2022-05-12 — I Built A New Computer For My Parents
Post about how I built a new computer for my parents to prevent further suffering.
2022-05-11 — A Twitter Exodus & The Fediverse
A long, detailed, but not exhaustive post about the Fediverse.
2022-03-25 — Three Animanga Series That You Should Check Out!
Three unique animanga recommendations from yours truly.
2022-02-22 — I Am Satisfied With My Neocities Experience So Far
A love letter to Neocities and the people here, I guess.
2022-01-18 — Fun Tips For Hardcore Weebs
Random information that may be useful for my fellow weebz.
2021-12-25 — The Kotonoha Sisters Learned To Speak English!
Weeb post, please ignore.
2021-12-23 — I Built A New Computer!
I put together an awesome new PC for myself, took me long enough.
2021-12-20 — My Proposal for a Semi-Decentralized Video Hosting System
I think all the current "YouTube alternatives" suck, and here's my proposal for something that won't suck as much.
2021-12-01 — The Global Anglosphere
Here I talk about how English became the global lingua franca and why I think it will stay that way probably forever.
2021-11-12 — Winnipeg is an Alright City
Here I talk about the city I've lived in since 2005.
2021-11-10 — Nice Book: Why Nations Fail
A brief overview of a somewhat boring book that provides an interesting theory about why some societies prosper while others stagnate.
2021-09-29 — How I Became A Weeb
How I got into otaku culture thanks to the environment I grew up in.
2021-09-28 — My iPad 2 And The Things I Did With It
Here I talk about how I used to use an iPad 2 a lot.
2021-09-27 — The Story My Decade-Old Computer
I own a decade-old computer that's been passed around my family and upgraded multiple times by me.
2021-09-26 — My YouTube Channel
An overview of the early history of my YouTube channel.
2021-09-25 — The Amazing Taiwanese Hardware Tech Cluster
There are a lot of Taiwanese companies you've never heard of or never knew were from Taiwan that are super important to or play a huge role in the global tech industry.
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2021-04-11 — Why My Interweb Name Is "LiterallyHifumi"
2021-03-24 — Revival of the Traditional Mongolian Script in Mongolia and the Unusual Software Design for This Writing System
2021-01-18 — How I Became A Tech Nerd
2021-01-15 — Google Plus & Windows 8 Did Not Need to Exist